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Message from Dr. Tarina Kim,  Director of MozArt Music Academy

Welcome to MozArt Music Academy’s website and thank you for your interest in our school. My name is Tarina Kim, director at MozArt, and I am a busy mom who juggles between the two things I love the most: taking care of my two energetic girls and enriching the lives in the community through music.


Music has been a very powerful part of my life and it truly shaped who I am today. My childhood took a sudden turn when my family emigrated from South Korea in 1992. Being a shy 12-year-old girl at the time, it was too overwhelming to adjust to the changes in language, environment, and culture. I resisted talking in English and I didn’t have any friends for a while. That’s when my parents, who were extremely concerned, enrolled me into piano lessons. They thought music would be an alternative outlet to express myself and subsequently help me to talk.

Well, talking wasn’t the only thing music has done for me. It has empowered me to dream big, pursue with confidence, and succeed in life. As a result, I obtained a doctorate degree in music, performed on prestigious concert stages throughout the world, and interviewed on magazines, radio stations and TV programs.


In 2000, I opened my piano studio with one simple dream: to share what I experienced through music with others. During the last 20 years of teaching over 30,000 music lessons, there was nothing more rewarding than seeing a child’s face light up with excitement when he or she learns a favorite song, and is able to play it for loved ones. I also had the privilege of sharing many success stories since many of my students received superior ratings in music festivals, auditions and competitions, and have been accepted as music majors in some of the best music colleges and universities.


In 2017, I felt it was time to start a music school so our community can experience the joy of music in various instruments, not just in piano. It was a long process before MozArt Music Academy came to reality. I had to find teachers who had both the professional training and passionate heart in teaching. I had to search for the finest architect and contractor who can build the best learning environment. I had to play and test each and every musical instrument before deciding which were the best ones for our students.


Today, MozArt Music Academy is proud to offer the most comprehensive music program to all ages and all levels in a professional, nurturing environment.


While you are here, I invite you to explore our website where you will find a wealth of information about the wonderful programs we offer at MozArt Music Academy.


Thanks for visiting us here and I look forward to meeting you in person.


Musically Yours,


Dr. Tarina Kim, DMA, MM, BM

Executive Director, Owner 

MozArt Music Academy

Dr. Tarina Kim on piano
Dr. Tarina Kim has a doctorate degree in pedagogy
Dr. Tarina Kim with her family
Tarina Kim received Doctor of Musical Arts for Piano Performance and Pedagogy from Arizona State University.
Tarina Kim received Master of Music from Arizona State University
Tarina Kim is RCM Certified Theory Instructor
Tarina Kim is RCM Certified Piano Instructor
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