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Mommy & Me Music Program

Our Mommy & Me music program, LittleMozArt, provides a nurturing first music experience to children ages 0 to 36 months. LittleMozArt is purposefully designed to increase all areas of your little one’s development while strengthening the bond between you and your child. Our small, intimate classes connect families with a community of other parents and their little ones. Experience the musical atmosphere filled with singing, dancing, and playing!

mommy and baby maracas_edited.jpg

(0 - 18 months)

LittleMozArt 1

LittleMozArt 1

0 to 18 months

Weekly 45-min classes filled with music, body-movement songs, body-awareness games, and instrumental exploration. LittleMozArt babies and toddlers will gain an early appreciation of music, while enhancing brain development, social, and motor skills.

Tuesdays/Thursdays 10AM - 10:45AM

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LittleMozArt 2

(0 - 36 months)

LittleMozArt 2

Mixed Age (0 to 36 months)

45-min classes designed to keep those energetic and curious toddlers busy and moving! From shaking maracas to running under the parachutes and popping bubbles, this program will help increase the child’s mobility, awareness, language development, and social skills.

11AM - 11:45AM

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