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music lesson

Tuition Rates

Weekly 30 min Lessons

 $156 per month

Recommended for Beginners

Weekly 45 min Lessons

 $234 per month

Recommended for Intermediates

Weekly 60 min Lessons

 $312 per month

Recommended for Advanced

MozArt Benefits 

For your convenience, we do not require a long-term, but just month-to-month commitment and the tuition will be automatically billed monthly.


MozArt's monthly flat tuition comes with many benefits including: 


  • Weekly tailored lessons 

  • A Welcome Package

  • Exciting performance opportunities at prestigious venues such as CSUN Music Recital Hall and GRAMMY Clive Davis Theater

  • Weekly detailed instructional notes

  • Various motivational events and programs throughout the year 


         One Time $30 New Student Registration Fee

Lessons are Available at Wide Range of Lesson Times, 6 Days a Week

MozArt Music Academy offers music instruction with piano lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, ukulele lessons, violin lessons, voice/singing lessons, flute lessons, and more six days a week to accommodate your busy schedule

  • Mon-Fri 10am  – 8pm

  • Saturday 9 am – 4 pm

Our goal is to provide the highest quality musical education at honest price so that everyone may experience the wonderful benefits of music at MozArt Music Academy.


Investing into your child's developing mind may be the biggest contribution you can make for your child.

We offer various classes at different rates so you can choose one that fits your need.


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