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Music prodigy

10 Benefits of Music


“The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition, and music is the driving force behind this intuition.

My parents had me study the violin from the time I was six.

My new discovery is the result of musical perception.”

– Albert Einstein

When you are considering music lessons for yourself or for your child(ren), you might come up with a simple, but important, question such as “why music?”

In addition to scientific proofs of music positively affecting one’s brain development, music teaches some of the essential skills needed to succeed in life. Here are just a few we wanted to share with you.


1. Boosts Your Brain Power

Neuroscientists have been using brain-analysis technologies to study our brains. When participants were asked to play musical instruments, scientists were stunned by their discovery. They observed that every part of the brain showed positive signals. This meant music involved every portion of your brain which they have never seen before. How does this impact our brain? Playing a musical instrument simultaneously engages visual, auditory, and motor cortices of the brain, basically giving our brain a full workout.


2. Prepares You for the Creative Society 

A recent survey of over 1,500 CEOs found that creativity is valued as the most important skill in the modern world. Scientists predict that most of todays' jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence in the future except for the ones that require human creativity. So is creativity only found in a few selected, gifted people? The answer is “no,” according to Parag Chordia, director of the Music intelligence Lab at Geogia Tech. He says, “we all have creativity inside of us and what it’s all about is finding out, how do we unlock that creativity.” MozArt Music Academy can help unleash and develop your child's creativity. 


3. Improves Your Academic Performances

Compared to students who have never been exposed to musical education, those who studied music performed better on standardized tests. One study revealed that elementary school students who took music lessons scored 20% higher in math test and 22% higher in English test. For high school students, those who took music lessons scored significantly higher on SAT examination according to retrospective analysis of 10 year data.


4. Raises Your IQ

Researchers found that playing a musical instrument can increase IQ by seven points in both children and adults.


5. Ignites Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Did you know that music can improve children’s self-confidence and self-esteem? Several researches certainly prove it. For example, one study randomly selected 117 fourth-grade students from a public school. The intervention group received weekly piano lessons for three years while the control group received no formal instructions. Those who played weekly scored significantly higher on self-esteem tests than those who did not. As most of us know, high levels of self-esteem can help children grow and develop in a vast number of academic and non-academic realms.


6. Increases Your Memory Capacity

Playing music requires constant access to brain’s memorization function. It requires you to recognize sounds and tones, which increases your ability to store aural information. It also utilizes muscle memory when remembering hand positions on an instrument.


7. Enhances Coordination

Playing an instrument helps children develop coordination and motor skills since it requires simultaneous movement of the hands, arms, and feet. It encourages ambidexterity and enhances coordination which is useful for other activities such as sports.


8. Develops Self-Discipline

Mastering an instrument doesn’t happen over night. It requires many hours of patient practices. Music education teaches students to develop strong work ethics and be appreciative of the effort required to achieve desired goal.


9. Builds Self-Control

Performing in front of an audience can be exciting and at the same time nerve-wrecking and anxiety-provoking. Early exposure to public performance may help students to be accustomed to showing the world what they are truly capable of!


10. Fun, Exciting, Relaxing

Can you imagine a world without music? It will be so dull and boring! It’s never too late to explore your musical self. So why not start your lessons today? Playing music is so much fun and exciting!

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