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MozArtist of the Week - Tigerlily


MozArt Music Academy is proud to present Tigerlily as our MozArtist of the Week. We award brilliant individual who brings positiveness to our music school.

Questions to Tigerlily:

1. What is your name and how old are you?

My name is Tigerlily, 8 years old

2. What instrument do you play at MozArt Music Academy?

I'm learning to play the piano and singing at MozArt Music Academy

3. What is your favorite song?

My favorite song is "Busted" by Ray Charles

4. What do you like most about MozArt Music Academy?

I like spending time with my teacher Ms. Jane and the bright colored practice rooms

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a Hockey player and a musician (maybe a Saxophonist)

6. What do you want to tell other friends about taking music lessons?

I want to tell them that it is a fun because you learn new things every time

Questions to Tigerlily's Mom:

1. What are you most proud of when it comes to Tigerlily's piano/voice study?

I'm very proud of how much she has grown in such a short period of time. I always feel proud when I hear her singing and really feeling the music

2. How did you discover your child's interest in music?

Tigerlily is a natural born singer & musician, she was singing before she could talk

3. Why do you think music education is important for children and why is it important for your family?

Music has always been huge in our house. I was raised with music education and my parents and grandparents as well. Music feeds the soul and the brain!

4. What do you enjoy most about MozArt Music Academy?

I enjoy seeing how happy it makes Tigerlily, and how much she looks forward to her time with Ms. Jane at MozArt Music Academy

5. In the future, what would be amazing to see your child do with music?

I hope that Tigerlily will always have a passion for music in any capacity. That would be amazing!
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