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MozArtist of the Week - Lila


MozArt Music Academy is proud to present Lila Hurdle as our MozArtist of the Week. We award brilliant individual who brings positiveness to our music school.

Questions to Lila :

1. What is your name and how old are you?

My name is Lila and I am almost 6 years old

2. What instrument do you play at MozArt Music Academy?

I play the piano at MozArt Music Academy

3. What is your favorite song?

"Into the Woods" soundtrack. My favorite song to play is "Gallop Pony"

4. What do you like most about MozArt Music Academy?

I like the painted doors and the pianos. I love Ms. Tarina!

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be an artist, scientist, and a firefighter

6. What do you want to tell other friends about taking music lessons?

It's really fun and I play the piano so much! I earn stickers every time!

Questions to Lila's parent:

1. What are you most proud of when it comes to Lila's piano study?

I am really proud of how motivated Lila is to practice her songs and continue to improve. She is always so excited to share her new songs with friends and family. I see her love of music blossoming

2. How did you discover your child's interest in music?

Lila has always loved singing and listening to her dad play the trumpet. She enjoyed playing on our keyboard and seemed interested in learning to play songs

3. Why do you think music education is important for children and why is it important for your family?

For us it was about finding something that brings Lila joy and encourage her development. Music has so many benefits that we feel fostering an early love will be an ongoing gift