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Marvelous MozArtist - Dylan


MozArt Music Academy is proud to present Dylan R. as our Marvelous MozArtist! We award brilliant individual who brings positiveness to our music school.

Questions to Dylan:

1. What is your name and how old are you?

My name is Dylan and I am 8 years old

2. What instrument do you play at MozArt Music Academy?

I play the violin at MozArt Music Academy

3. What is your favorite song?

"The Chicken Dance Song"

4. What do you like most about MozArt Music Academy?

I like that I know how to play the violin because I have a good teacher

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a video game creator

6. What do you want to tell other friends about taking music lessons?

That it is fun!

Questions to Dylan's parent(s):

1. What are you most proud of when it comes to Dylan's violin study?

We're most proud of Dylan's dedication and perseverance. He practices everyday and even when frustrated, keeps trying until he is proud of what he has played. We're also so proud of how quickly he is able to learn new, unfamiliar pieces. 

2. How did you discover your child's interest in music?

About 9 months ago, Dylan asked if he could take violin lessons. We were surprised because he had never really demonstrated an interest before. We are so happy that he initiated it and is sticking with it because he loves it and it is so good for him!

3. Why do you think music education is important for children and why is it important for your family?

We think music education is so valuable for children because it supports brain development, fine motor skills and coordination, and builds confidence, and self-esteem. It's important for our family that our children find positive activities that they love and that make them feel good about themselves. Dylan has definitely found that with the violin! 

4. What do you enjoy most about MozArt Music Academy?

The teacher are supportive and encouraging and provide consistent communication with parents.

5. In the future, what would be amazing to see your child do with music?

We would love to see Dylan continue his violin study for years to come. We would also love to see him learn new instruments. Almost every violin piece he has learned, he then teachers himself to play on the piano! It would be amazing to see him expand his music study to multiple instruments.

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